Beauty And The Beast

For our first “Model Feature” we are featuring the amazing, femme elegante, Ms. Emmy Martinet. I’ve known Emmy for more than 2 years now. We first met on IG when she owned a 350Z. One time she got a crack on her front windshield and I recommended her to give Doctor Auto Glass in Arcadia, California a call for help with a new windshield. From then on, we became friends. I’ve watched her grow and change. In the 2 years time, she has shown so many people how dedication and perseverance can trump all things. She focused on fitness and health, and now she looks amazing. She also owns an NA Miata, and just recently purchased her ND Miata. So she not only owns 2 Miatas, but she also works on her own cars, builds, and drives them. I am inspired and because Emmy sets an amazing example for so many people, I wanted to give her an opportunity to model for my newly rebuilt 2 Liter ITB’d Miata. I had this vision of “Beauty And The Beast”.

So I planned a date and place with everyone including Emmy, her cousin and best friend Miki, Nico, Justin, Shinobu and Adrian. We first met up at a Starbucks in The Valley before making way to a private location (applying social distancing, safety and health) in Little Tujunga. The weather was cool and slightly gloomy. I was worried it was going to rain. But in the end, everything turned out perfectly. The rolling hills and lush green backgrounds served as an amazing backdrop. Emmy is a natural and a breeze to work with. I always joke with Emmy about breaking necks and breaking hearts. And trust me, from the time we met up to the end of our photoshoot, passerbys couldn’t help but to slow down, stare and turn their heads.

Now scroll down and be amazed and read more about Emmy below!

Photographer:  Nico @nico.mx5 and Justin @blu.miata
Writer:  Kevin
Model:  Emmy Martinet
Fullerton, California, United States
Instagram: @emmymiata
Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in Orange County (moved to new cities every 4 years but stayed close) and I am still here!
What do you do for a living?
I am a financial analyst.
What are your hobbies?
I have lots! Drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, singing, playing guitar, weightlifting, and of course cars. I love working on my car, going for long drives (exhilarating ones too 😊), and attending any car related events.
Do you have a favorite or crazy moment to share?
I’ve had many “crazy” moments, but they are those moments where “you just had to be there”. However, to share, here is one of my experiences that will always make me smile when I remember it.
A few years ago, the company I work for had a vote on some of the top performers. Somehow, I was in the voted in the top 5! The reward? We were all treated to an entire day at the Porsche Experience Center in LA!
Throughout the day I was able to enjoy playing with their rear-engine Porsche 911 Carrera S and the mid-engine 718 Cayman. The instructor had us start off with testing out the launch control, as well as the strength of the brakes, and then practice maneuvering through cones to get comfortable with the steering capability.
After we all got a feel for the car, they took us on the track… That was my all-time favorite part of the day.
I got to do about 10 laps and noticed considerable time improvement each lap as I got more comfortable with the track and the car. It was the most addicting thing I have ever experienced. I really want to have that experience with my own vehicle one day.
They also had what is called a “low-friction circle” that they always keep wet, so you can practice kicking out the rear of the car and drifting around the circle and test out the different modes the car has and feel the difference in each. There were other areas at the center to test out the capability of the cars as well as a track specifically designed to drift each corner.
After all of that, we each got to go on the track with one of Porsche’s professional drivers in the 911 GT3 RS…WOW that was exhilarating. I quickly realized I drove like a grandma on the track in comparison. I thought I was going to die a few times, but I was completely OK going out that way.
To end the day, we ate at the 917 Restaurant and then played in their simulator lab and race each other.
I will never ever forget that day.
How long have you been modeling?
Just started! I never thought of it as an option for myself.
What are some of your aspirations?
One of my main focuses currently is getting an Associates degree in accounting. I dropped out of college when I was 18 and decided last year to go back so I can grow in my career.
Health and fitness will always be a constant chase for improvement. Coming from a place of being borderline obese risking my health, I value my body’s abilities and strengths and try to not take it for granted.
While going to school, I still put a lot of focus and effort into my current position at work. Everyday I do my best to learn something new or improve my skill.
I feel odd saying this, but since I have a love for cars, a lot of my goals are “materialistic”. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am at (and I’m till not done), so a lot of opportunities to have fun or splurge have been sacrificed. I hope to get to a place financially where I can support my dreams to own, build, restore, and race cars.
With all of that said, the end-all-be-all goal is to simply be happy with what I have.  
How can we support your modeling career?
More shoots and ideas where we can collaborate!
What kind of a car do you drive?
1991 Mazda Miata
Engine mods:
Swapped engine (to keep it going) at 217K miles for a JDM 1.6. Refreshed the engine replacing the timing belt, water pump, gaskets, bolts, etc.
Racing beat intake
Jackson Racing Headers
Trackdog Racing heatshield
Racing Beat Power Pulse Exhaust
Transmission and Differential mods:
None yet! ☹
Swapped cloth seats to OEM leather seats
IL Motorsports Center Console
RE Amemiya weighted shift knob
New stereo, speakers, and amplifier
Soon to come: Revlimiter gauges and update to LEDs
Updated paint from original Crystal White to the new Ceramic Metallic used on the ND
Ceramic Coating
New Soft top
Trunk spoiler, front lip, mudguards
Enkei rpf1 14” wheels
Upgraded headlights, daytime running lights, and rear lights.
Switched back to new all original suspension.
Drilled and slotted rotors.
Most work on the car has been restoration to get it running and back to feeling as close to new as possible. The list is LONG and there is still a lot more to be done.
Shout out to AEDynamix (Toby) for helping me with this car many times and any questions I had when working on it.
Thank you to all my friends in the Miata community that have been there for me since the beginning, and everyone I have met on the way.
Thank you to a very close friend of mine for helping me with finding the shop to get my paint and bodywork done.
Thank you to Fabian at MM Autospa for detailing and ceramic coating my baby.