Spirit Roadster For Sale

Selling my Miata.  This is a very special roadster. Can be said it is somewhat of a status symbol, iconic, inspirational, clean example and definitely a collector car. I’ve spent over $150,000+ in parts, research, development, iterations, mods, testing, etc. in 6 years on this car. It’s been a wonderful journey with all of you.  Theres a ton of history with this car.  I modified and built it for driving pleasure.  And this car brought me a lot of joy and lots of memories made with all of you around the world.  The world’s first Maruha 1.8 restoration crate engine was just recently swapped in and properly broken in.  This engine will last for a few hundred thousands miles with proper care and maintenance.  Car will not come with Spirit Road MMR Mille Miglia Rally wheels and no hardtop.  Please bring your own wheels/tires.  Car can be shipped to most parts of the world. Please inquire within. Thank you.  

Price: Inquire
Location: Los Angeles, California

1997 Mazda Miata
Mileage: 129,466 chassis / New engine: 3,936 miles
Clean Title

Car was involved in a minor accident in May 2023 (not Seller’s fault). Damage to driver’s side rear quarter panel and trunk lid. Car was professionally repaired by a reputable body shop in Monterey Park, CA.

Manual 5 Speed

Montego Blue / Black Interior


New Mazda oem NA8 83mm, 0.50 over pistons and pins (WPC treated)

New oem NA8 0.50 rings (WPC treated)

New Maruha Hydrorush (hydraulic) Lifters HLA

New Mazda oem NA8 valve springs

New Mazda oem NA8 valve seals

Eagle H beam connecting rods

Pistons and rods balanced to 0.01 grams by Jerrybuilt Racing / Honda Spoon Sports Ideology applied

Complete Maruha Engine overhaul seals and gaskets kit

Maruha NA8 headgasket

Maruha 85mm crank (WPC treated)

ACL bearings (WPC treated)

Maruha Power Timing Belt

New oem VVT oil pump

Gates waterpump

Gates idler and tensioner

NGK spark plug wires

New NA8 fuel injectors

New Exedy clutch and flywheel

Rspeed 02 sensor extension kit

Rspeed valve cover stainless steel bolt set

New genuine Mazda coil pack

New Delphi MAF sensor

New TPS sensor

New fuel filter

New Bosch front and rear 02 sensor

New oem pcv valve

New oem tensioner spring

New oem heater hose firewall grommets

New oem (devil’s) coolant hoses

New oem oil dipstick

New oem breather hose

New oem pcv valve hose

New oem throttlebody gasket

New oem idle air control valve gasket

New oem NA8 vacuum sensor

New crankshaft angle sensor

New camshaft angle sensor

New fuel pressure regulator

New EGR valve

New EGR solenoid

New fuel pump main relay

New oem charcoal canister 3 way valve

New oem throttle cable

New Mishimoto radiator

New Maruha silicone coolant hoses

Maruha stainless steel lower radiator pipe

Maruha 78C thermostat

Maruha oil pan baffle

Mishimoto fan shroud with SPAL 12″ inch electric fans

Custom wrinkle black powdercoated valve cover by Mike Kent at Castillo’s Powdercoating

Custom Maruha Motors Japan metal valve cover plaque

Rev9 Power intake airbox kit with custom Cerakoted Glacier Titanium intake pipe and Cerakote Glacier Black for airbox coated by Velocity Powdercoating

New ARC Magic Japan “D” air filter

Beatrush Japan radiator cooling panel

Nielex Japan 1002 oil filler cap

Maxim Works 4-2-1 header ceramic coated by Embee Performance with flanges custom tig welded all around to strengthen welds

Samson Performance (also known as SP1R Titanium) custom stainless steel 2.25” inch midpipe, Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter, Vibrant Performance resonator and Vibrant Performance oval muffler with V-band clamps

Chikara Motorsports Canada green magnetic oil drain plug, transmission plug and rear differential plug

Chikara Motorsports steering rack spacers

Mazdaspeed engine mounts

Maruha oil filter relocator

Maruha carbon fiber oil filter relocator access cover

Suspension and Brakes:
Custom Spirit Road USA Adjustable Coilovers 8k front springs / 6k rear springs with Maruha extended top hats and custom proprietary bits

New Dixcel Japan slotted rotors and new Maruha CA27 pads in the front.  Maruha stainless steel front brake lines.  Installed 5-9-23.

Stoptech slotted rotors in rear with Maruha CA27 pads.  Stoptech stainless steel rear brake lines. Installed 3-30-22.

Motul 660 DOT 4 brake fluid


Pioneer Double Din touch screen

Infinity Door Speakers

Primer3D forever door cards, black synthetic leather material

Zoom Engineering Black leather door pulls

Limited Edition Roadster speaker covers

Maruha Power Window Regulators (originally manual crank windows but did oem conversion to power windows)

Maruha window door collars

Custom real black Nappa leather reupholstered seats inspired by classic 1970 Porsche 911 (bar design with perforated centers)

Rare Roadster Japan checkered floor mats

RS Refine Retro Series cluster kit with custom Spirit Road bits

RS Refine deep gauge rings

Revlimiter custom Smith gauge faces

Revlimiter gauge lens

Nardi Polished black leather steering wheel

Corn’s black leather shift knob

Jass Performance polished e-brake “drift” button

Corn’s rear parcel shelf plastic window protector cover synthetic black leather (custom hand stitched velcro backing)

Roadster stainless steel side sill plates

NA6 90-93 dash swap

New 90-93 oem cluster hood

Daikei steering wheel hub with airbag delete

New oem ac/vent control panel plate

90-93 seat belt buckles

Zoom Engineering Japan Penta black rearview mirror with blue lens and custom machined aluminum base for mounting

Jass Performance Sun Visor LED interior lights

Garage Star door bushings


Kyoto Japan headlamps with upgraded H4 wiring harnesses for higher wattage light bulbs

JDM Eunos fender blinkers

OEM R package front bumper lower lip

Rspeed R package rear bumper lower lip

Antenna delete plug

All defroster relay and accompanying parts are fairly new and original OEM Mazda

Jass Performance front polished tow hook

KG Works license plate relocator

New OEM aluminum headlamp covers matchpainted factory Montego Blue

Eunos V Special Japan Only front emblem


New 98-00 AC compressor installed 7-6-2022

New AC drier

Upgraded to NB AC evaporator

Upgraded to new NB heater core unit

Replaced car battery 8-30-22

Suzuki Cappuccino (Nopro) washer fluid bottle

Highlights And Accolades:

First Jerrybuilt Racing/Toda Racing/Spirit Road 1.9 Liter with Jenvey ITB’s (85mm bore x 85mm stroke)

First Jerrybuilt Racing/Spirit Road 2.0 Liter with Maruha ITB’s (86mm bore x 85mm stroke)

First Jerrybuilt Racing/Toda Racing/Maruha 1.9 Liter VVT with Maruha ITB’s and Mandrew Made/Spirit Road designed 4-1 high rise slip fit headers (85mm bore x 85mm stroke)

First Jerrybuilt Racing/Maruha/Spirit Road 2.0 Liter VVT (86mm bore x 87mm stroke)

First Miata in the entire world to test and showcase the Maruha/Spirit Road Legacy 1.8 Restoration crate engine

Only company in the world to reproduce, sell and promote Zoom Engineering Elan front and rear bumpers (exclusive partnership with Zoom Engineering Japan)

Past exterior iterations included: Barchetta Japan Clubman GT Front bumper, Pitcrew Racing Japan front bumper, Barchetta flush headlamps, Zoom Engineering Elan rear taillights, etc.

Past wheels include: Panasport, SSR Watanabe 3 piece, MTE37 Bronze, RS Watanabe F8, Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap, Advan RG-D2, Corn’s, Group B NC-01, etc.

Enlisted help from Aidan at Pine Engineering New Zealand to machine and produce the first Spirit Road MMR (Mille Miglia Rally) Wheels, 15×8, +20 offset, 12.4 lbs, true 3 piece wheel, clears Wilwood BBK. A design I sketched on paper more than 20 years ago.

Received RWD Runner-Up Award at Nisei Dekocar Car Show in Little Tokyo August 17, 2019

Car was featured on a special episode of Jay Leno’s Garage May 2019

Worked with RS Refine Japan to design and produce the Retro Series Indicator Kits and also first in America to install/feature them

Car has gone through numerous Corn’s seats, Esqueleto bucket seats, multiple roll bars, multiple style bars, many interior changes/swaps, Kanspo hardtop, etc.

Threw and participated in numerous meets, rallies, drives, etc. from 2018 to current

Received 2nd Place Best Neo Mazda at Japanese Classic Car Show September 15, 2018

Received the “only” JNC Japanese Nostalgic Car Award at Japanese Classic Car Show out of hundreds of car entrees September 15, 2018

Participant and Parade Lap at MRLS Miata Reunion in 2019 Laguna Seca

This Miata MX-5 Roadster is well known and recognized around the world with over 10,000 followers on Instagram

Featured and shown in Roadster Brothers’ Magazine in Japan

This Miata is recognized by Mazda USA and Mazda Japan

2nd NA8 Miata in the world to have Mandrew Made High Rise 4-1 headers

First in the world to collaborate with Mandrew Made to produce a Spirit Road designed 4-1 reverse high rise header optimized for all motor/ITB specs and utilitizing a Vibrant Performance slip fit merge collector and long tube design. Exhaust scavenging-effect was implemented in to overall runner design, length, etc.

Collaborated with Corn’s USA and Corn’s Japan to produce apparel, mechanics tool bags, etc.

Designed, tested and sold Spirit Road street and track coilovers

Designed, tested and sold Idle Air Control Valve adapters for utilizing ITB’s Individual Throttle Bodies

Designed, tested and sold Stainless Steel Mesh Screens for ITB Individual Throttle Body velocity stacks (Blacktop and Silvertop 4AGE ITB’s)

Designed, tested and sold Oil Catch Cans to work with ITB Individual Throttle Body kits

Research and designed several ITB Individual Throttle Body kits for 94-05 Miatas

Research, designed and tested Honda B Series and Honda K Series Intake Manifolds with custom dual bolt pattern flanges for Miata 1.8 engines

Spirit Roadster is sponsored and has been seen in numerous Falken Tire USA, Falken Tire Japan and Falken Tire Australia print and advertisements promoting Falken Azenis tires along with the Zoom Engineering Elan Front and Rear bumpers

Sponsored by Mishimoto USA

First to have tested and provide feedback to Fujitsubo USA/Japan to make changes to their header, midpipe for some US models

Provided insight and feedback to Tomei USA to produce their Titanium Ti exhaust systems for the NA6/NA8 models

First and only US Miata company to heavily promote, test and sell the entire Maruha Motors Japan’s catalog of roadster products

Featured in the most well known automotive enthusiast website in the world “Speedhunters.com” on March 29th, 2019. Spirit Road: The Minimalist Miata With All The Parts

*Some items shown in photos has been removed and replaced with oem pieces