Jerry Built Racing Spirit Road Spec’d 2 Liter 86mm Pistons




Jerry Built Racing/Spirit Road Spec’d 2 Liter 86mm Pistons.  There is no replacement for displacement.

  • Natural aspirated
  • Compression Ratio:  11.5:1
  • Compression Height:  31.11 mm
  • Bore:  86 mm
  • Pin OD:  20 mm (same as oem 1.8 engine)
  • Made from the same proprietary qualities of the pistons as the Jerry Built Racing, 2.7 liter, high compression 16:1+, 450+ horsepower, 9 second, all-motor Honda K swapped engines.
  • Comes with complete rings set and pins
  • Requires professional installation including boring, honing, machining, etc.
  • Requires custom oversize head gasket such as Cometic
  • Sold in sets of 4