About Us

A hobby fueled by passion. Spirit Road was a brand name I created when I was designing wheels back in 2015. That project never came to fruition and the name stayed for my Instagram account. In December 2017, I bought a set of used Jenvey Individual Throttle Bodies and a Pitcrew High Rise Header from a fellow Instagramer. I then decided to build a Miata around these 2 items. I purchased my ‘97 Miata from an older fellow in Bakersfield, California. And in the first year of ownership, I took the car from stock to shock. Through a series of collaborations and with help from friends, I was able to build the Miata I have longed dreamt about. The car currently has the world’s first Jerry Guzman, Jerry Built Racing 1.9 liter, 85mm x 85mm squared, BP motor, a slew of parts from Kadin at Car Make Corn’s USA, many custom pieces from Adam at Revlimiter and Spirit Road’s own Touge Series Coilovers and Oil Catch Tank. This car was built for driving. So I encourage you all to get out and drive. Take the road less driven.


Kevin Truong

(626) 688-2819