The Italian Job – Jeovany Alvarado’s 4AGE ITB NA6

Have you ever watched the movie “The Italian Job” that came out in 2003 featuring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Jason Statham, and a bunch of other cool actors? If yes, picture the owner of this car, my photographer Nico and I driving through familiar Los Angeles streets and locations as we shoot this beautiful Blue 4AGE ITB equipped ’92 Miata. If no, you must watch the movie after you finish this feature. I promise you it will be time well spent.

I first took note of Jeovany’s Miata a year ago. It’s got a bit of retro, a bit of modern, and a lot of Cali styling going on. The build list and parts is extensive! And let’s not forget, the uber cool individual throttle bodies from a 4AGE 20V Silver Top Toyota Corolla. Hence his custom license plate “4AGEITB” telling folks what he’s got under the hood. His car left an impression on me and really served as an inspiration as I was building my own. After I saw this car in the flesh back at our first drive events, I knew we had to shoot it and share it with the world.

This Miata was born and bred in Los Angeles. Jeovany actually uses this car as his daily driver. ITB’s all day you say? Jeovany goes to show you that it can be done! I will let the pictures do the talking, which was shot by the young and talented Nico Nathanson. And read along as Jeovany tells you his story.

Owner’s name:  Jeovany Alvarado. The Car’s name is “BlueJay”
Location – Los Angeles, CA
Instagram:  Bromungandr
Year: 1992 Mazda Miata

How did you get in to Miatas?
It’s funny but it all started in middle school when I was enamored by the Honda De Sol. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I was researching to purchase my first car, that I realized that the Del Sol is a terrible car. So the search was narrowed down to a WRX wagon, NA Miata, or S2000. My budget pushed out getting a S2000 since I wouldn’t of been able to afford a clean model for the price I wanted to pay. I would of bought a WRX bugeye wagon if I hadn’t stumbled upon an ad for a cute little unmodified mariner blue miata. I had no idea that the color existed until I went to go look at the car, I fell in love by how clean it was; it was in showroom condition and stock! It’s been a true love story ever since.
How long have you owned the car?
I’ve owned the car since 2013. We’ve been going strong for 6 years now.
How long did it take you to build?
I had left the car stock for about a year and then started modifying it little by little. It went in phases. First came general upkeep/maintenance, then suspension work. Next was the interior, which took a big emphasis in the build. And finally came the engine work of the Individual throttle body conversion. I’d say all in all, from beginning of modding to end, it took 3 years to do everything. But the car is not even close to being done.
What is your intent with the car?
My original intent for the car has definitely changed over the years. It originally started as a track focused car and then a vintage retro restore. But I realized that at the end of the day, I want the car to be enjoyed by myself and others. I love going to cars and coffee’s and seeing the sincere smiles from folks as they check out the car. Plus, I love carving through the canyons with the individual throttle bodies at WOT. It’s an orchestra.
Is this your daily driver or weekend car?
Blue Jay is a daily driver! Zoom Zoom!
What are your future plans/goals with the car?
Once the engine gives out, I plan on either doing a fully built ITB NB motor. Or if budget allows, a fresh Honda K-Series Swap. There’s just something special about the scream of a naturally aspirated motor at full tilt. If I’m refreshing the engine, I’d also plan on swapping to a 4.77 RX-7 differential. I’d also invest on some quality coilovers like FEALS or Spirit Road’s. I’m also waiting on the perfect front JDM bumper to appear on my lap.
Engine mods:
1.6L Miata Block
Jackson Racing Header
Magnaflow High Flow Cat
Track Dog Racing Header Blanket
Ford Capri Valve Cover (Powder coated black/shaved & polished top)
Modified Mazda Coil pack, allowing for mounting at the rear of head
Magnecor Spark Plug Wires
Wilwood Proportioning Valve
A/C Delete
Samco Silicone Hoses
1.8 GarageStar Water Pump/Alternator Pulleys
1.8 OEM Mazda Crank Pulley
Koyo 37mm Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Fans run in parallel to blow both at idle
Moroso Aluminum Overflow Tank
Sanded & Polished Computer Chip Tower
Moroso Air-Oil Separator
MazdaSpeed Engine Mounts
Flyin Miata Fuel Rail
Techno Toy Tuning Intake Manifold Adaptor
GM IAT Sensor
Toyota Mark IV Supra TPS
Hondata Intake Gasket
JDM Levin SilverTop Individual Throttle Bodies
Techno Toy Tuning 75mm Horns
ITG Sausage Air Filter
UNI Sock Intake Filters
Flow Tested RX8 440cc Fuel Injectors
Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold
Brainstorm Oil Temperature Oil Filter Adaptor Sensor
Singular Motorsports MS2 ECU Bracket
MegaSquirt MS2 ECU
Toda Adjustable Cam Gears
Garage Star Cam Gear Accessory Bolts
Gates Kevlar Racing Timing Belt
Braided Brake Lines
Braided Clutch Line
GarageStar Oil Cap
Garage Star Radiator Cooling Plate
Cobalt Stainless Steel Skid Plate
Koyo High Pressure 16PSI Radiator Cap
Flyin Miata Hood Struts
Transmission and Differential mods:
5 Spd NB Transmission
4.3 Differential
Energy Polyurethane Differential Bushings
Miata Roadster 5 Spd Tall/Angles Short Shifter
Flyin Miata Happy Meal Clutch
Flyin Miata 10 Lb Flywheel
Carbon Miata Quilted Hardtop Liner
Carbon Miata Quilted Floor Liner
Carbon Miata Quilted Rear Parcel Shelf Cover
Sound Control Super Sound/Heat Insulation (Entire Interior)
Ryoku Rob Lotus Seat Brackets
Lotus Elise Leather Seats
Brainstorm Cylindrical Aluminum Key Surround
Royal Clover Gold Key
Arrigoni Wood Steering Wheel (Same Body as Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel)
Custom Wood Phoenix Shift Knob
Momo D-Cut Suede Steering Wheel
R-Magic 5 Spd Shift Knob
Custom Liberal Leather Shift Boot
Miata Roadster Tall/Angled Short Shifter
Zoom Engineering Center Console
Custom Center Console leather elbow rest from “SCRAT”
Revlimiter Window Switches
Revlimiter Custom “Aokakesu” (Means BlueJay in Japanese) Gauges
Revlimiter HVAC Panel
Revlimiter White LED Gauge & HVAC Light Conversion
Revlimiter Retro HVAC Plate
Revlimiter Mazda Keychain
Revlimiter Watanabe Horn Button
Revlimiter Gauge Cups
Revlimiter Hazard Switches
Revlimiter Retro Shift Plate
Revlimiter Yotsuba Center Console Badge
Revlimiter Vent Rings
GarageStar Hand Brake Lever
Brainstorm Hand Brake Button
Moss Tombstone Radio Cover
Aftermarket Radio
GarageStar Aluminum HVAC Knobs
LRB Full Aluminum Door Panels
ArtWorks Dewa Gauge Cluster
Daikei Gold Steering Wheel Bolts
REV9 OE-Style 1002 Pedals
Zeromotive Aluminum Needle Caps
Autometer WideBand Gauge
Autometer Oil Temperature Gauge
Autometer Voltometer Gauge
NRG Short Steering Wheel Hub
NRG Steering Wheel Carbon Quick Release
Techno Toy Tuning Hub Extender
Project G Naca Duct Window
HardDog Hardcore Double Diagonal Roll Bar
Spec Miata Bolt-On Hardtop Brackets
Soft Top Delete
GarageStar Derlin Door Bushings
Custom Leather Door Pulls
HardDog SFI Rollbar Padding
HardDog Leather Rollbar Cover
R Package Front Lip
Smoked Front Turn Signals
Custom Drilled/Powdercoated/Cleared Window Wipers
APR GT3 Door Mirrors with Slick Auto Arms/Bases
Authentic Garage Vary Nostalgic Rear Tail Panel
Revlimiter Mazda Badge
Autokonexion Nascar Rear Spoiler
Cut Rear Bumper
Cut Rear Tow Hook Mounts
Custom PieCut Nitradyne/Zerek Axle-Back Exhaust
Flyin Miata Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers
Custom V-Band Racing Beat Sport Mid-Pipe
Project G Bikini Top
Custom Zerek Fabrication Rear Bash Bar
Brainstorm Quad Headlights
Flyin Miata VMAXX Exxtreme Sport Coilovers
Racing Beat EndLinks
Bauer Extended Lower Ball Joints
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings for every single suspension bushing
NB Strut Top Hats
Flyin Miata Sway Bars front & rear
Flyin Miata Frame Rails
New OEM Mazda Alignment Bolts
SuperPro Steering Rack Bushings

Compomotive 15×8 +12 Wheels
Toyo R8888R 205×50 rear tires
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 195×50 front tires
Flyin Miata 11” Wilwood Big Brake Kit
Wilwood Proportioning Valve
GarageStar Brake Booster Brace
Big big shoot-out to my friends at Integrated Performance based out of Hawthorne, CA. They have been my saviors whenever I have been in a pinch with the car. They were the ones who dyno tuned the car after I was about to pull out my hair when I swapped to individual throttle bodies and was unable to street tune them on my own. Without them, the car would be in A LOT worse shape haha. And a big shout out to all the many friends I have gained in the miata community. Thanks to forums like ‘Club Roadster’,, and Miata Turbo, I gained so much inspiration and motivation to build my own car and give it my own flavor. To all my friends that I’ve met through this community….thank you. You are all priceless to me.

Photographer:  Nico N. @nico.mx5
Model: Mel @melbel1d
Contributors: Silver Porsche 964 / Owner: Manolo Langis @manololangis, ’68 Mustang / Owner: Matt Porter, Blue Chevelle SS / Owner: Unknown, Black 93 Miata / Owner: Alex Lee @pyrexvuitton