The Shinjuku Racer – Ippei Suzuki’s 1993 Miata

There are many ways to build a Miata. But the one thing that is constant: no matter what you do, they are fun to drive. One can keep them stock, modify them for street cruising, build them for canyon carving, track or drifting, there are no words to describe how versatile these little roadsters are. They are extremely capable, and one does not really need a ton of horsepower to enjoy them.

I have been following Ippei in Japan for some time now. And there is just something about his roadster that I like very much. Perhaps it is because it is simple in form. His Miata still retains the stock body panels and R Package front and rear lower spoilers which carries that timeless design by Mazda. From a visual standpoint, what stands out is how hunkered down his car is over custom, rebuilt stock steelies widened to 9″ inches with a 0 offset on all 4 corners. And time to time he switches them out with SSR MK II’s in 14×8, 0 offset front and 14×8.5 with -7 offset in the rears. The low stance is dialed in with Zeal Super Function coilovers.

The interior has that go-fast look with a Nardi Classic steering wheel, Joyfast shift knob, East Bear bucket seat, Cusco 4 point roll bar, and custom Stack Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Water Temp gauges for keeping an eye on engine vitals.

Under the hood, you find old school Solex 40mm carbs. For those folks that has installed carbs or individual throttle bodies in their Miatas, they will tell you it is not about the power; it is about that engine response. Just a couple blips of that throttle, and you get all giddy inside. And not to mention the symphony of music of 4 throttles at full sing. There are really no words to describe them, unless you have either driven a Miata with 4 throttles or actually own one yourselves.

Ippei’s little roadster has all the little ingredients for a simple and fun Miata where he drives it all over Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Yokohama with his friends. He’s owned his roadster for more than 6 years and is his daily driver. With plans to rebuild his motor for more power. If I had his roadster, I’d drive it every day too!

Now scroll down to check out the awesome photos of his car!

Photographer: Ippei Suzuki & Ryosuke Doi

Writer: Kevin Truong

Owner’s name: Ippei Suzuki

Location: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Instagram: @ippei150vsp

1993 Mazda Miata

Engine mods:

B6-ZE, Solex Carburetor S-Type 40mm

Transmission and Differential mods:

Stock 5 Speed Manual, Mazdaspeed LSD


Nardi Classic leather steering wheel, Stack meter’s, Joyfast shift knob, Unknown quick release boss, East Bear Sports Sigma bucket seat, Cusco 4P Roll bar


R Package front and rear lips


Endless Zeal Super Function coilovers


Front Summit brake system Order goods, Rear IDI D700


Custom rebuilt stock steel wheels from 5.5 with +45 offset to 9″ wide with 0 offset, 185/55/14 tires

SSR Mark2 14×8, 0 offset, front with 14×8.5 -7 offset rear, with 185/60/14 tires

How did you get in to Miatas?

I bought it for half a million yen at a used car shop.

How long have you owned the car?

I have owned this car for 6 years.

What is your intent with the car?

Keep it simple, low and fun to drive.

Is this your daily driver or weekend car?

This is my daily driver.

What are your future plans/goals with the car?

My Roadster has 195,000 kilometers on the clock. So I plan to rebuild the engine, install the cams and cam gears. I also have a new set of wheels, so I plan to install them soon.