When It Rains, It Pours

To commemorate the 100th Birthday of Mazda and to start off 2020 with our first Miata Feature, Spirit Road USA proudly presents the “Triple Threat” from Ontario, Canada. This is our first mega feature, and I am proud and honored to share with you. What you see before you are 3 roadsters built by 3 good friends. Introducing the 1993 White NA owned by Adil Keilani, the 1990 BRG V-Special owned by Farokh Gandhi and the 1999 BRG NB owned by Michael Aguilera. These fellas not only share a passion for the little roadster, but all share the love for the Volk Racing TE37 wheels.

Adil and I first connected back in June 2018, when he sent me a DM. From there on, we chatted about life, career and our love for the little Mazda Miata. I’ve watched as Adil continued to slowly build his clean NA. I was also curious about the community and roadster lifestyle (excuse the pun) in Canada. And Adil had mentioned about his 2 other close friends, Farokh and Michael, and including his own brother, Erfan (whom shot these awesome photos) who were all building Miatas too. And so I added them and followed their build journey. I had wanted to feature Adil’s Miata for a very long time. And through one of our conversations, Adil said 3 of them (Farokh, Michael and Adil himself) are all now rocking TE37’s and I thought why not better than to feature all 3 as a “Triple Threat”.

So here we are after a year and a half of their build journey, we bring before you 3 very extensive builds. Each with their own style and fair share of rare, unique and custom one-off parts. When I asked Adil how he got in to Miatas, his response was: “Originally, it was my second oldest brother Amer who had an S2000 and was thinking of getting a Miata. At first I was shocked that he was thinking of a Miata because I was still under the mindset that it was a “girly” car. He then showed me several photo threads on forums and since then I was on the hunt for a Miata. I looked at 14 Miatas over the span of 3 years and finally purchased my first one. It was a 1990 Classic Red and was one of the first ones to arrive in Canada. It was a great car overall but being OCD I wasn’t satisfied. I ended up selling the car to a family that was gifting it to their dad for his 70th retirement gift. One day after selling the Miata, I ended up buying my current 1993 Miata with only 50,000 km and one owner (an old grandma) through from local Miata mechanic Dave.” His Miata is simple and clean in execution, but very extensive upon closer inspection. Going with the less is more, with a bit of vintage styling cues. Noting the Runabout M2 mirrors, Zoom Engineering fuel lid, Garage Vary rear tail lights, Garage Woolery tail light trim rings,
Nakamae quilted interior pieces, Nardi Classic steering wheel, KG Works rearview mirror, polished style bar, slew of ArtWorksDewa gauge pieces, Zoom Engineering center console, ARC intake chamber, Nielex 1002 oil cap, HKS header and air filter, and RS Factory race pipe and exhaust.

Farokh’s V-Special BRG carries a slightly more track inspired aesthetic with the Garage Vary front lip, KG Works rear spoiler, Runabout Type 2 fuel lid and M2 mirrors, Lotus Elise Probax seats, Nakamae gauge hood and door cards, Nielex toggle switches and a Hard Dog roll bar. His car is hunkered down by Ohlins Road & Track DFV coilovers. When I asked him how he got in to Miatas, his response was, “I drove a friends NA a long time ago and was impressed by the balance and handling,  but never considered owning one, until I came across my car at a local Miata shop. First look and I had to have it!”. His intent with the car: ” Being a somewhat unique JDM model (V-Spec), I want to try and preserve as much of the unique stock characteristics while continuing to modify it to my tastes. The build is heavily influenced by retro/vintage roadsters and sports cars and I plan on acquiring as many original/unique Japanese mods as possible. I don’t plan on making any drastic changes to the powertrain or appearance as I want to stay true to the original design intent of the Roadster. It is all about taking an incredibly capable/fun platform and only making changes that further enhance its capabilities. “

Michael’s 1999 NB Miata is extensive in all areas. He’s been building his car for over 11 years. When asked how he got in to Miatas, this was his response: “I first saw the Miata in the early ‘90s when it first came into the Canadian Market. Unfortunately, I never knew then how amazing these cars would become. It was not until the late ‘90s when I first drove a Miata. It was a first Gen BRG stock, but it was so much fun to drive. I rented it for a weekend and this was my first time experiencing what these cars could do. However, the tuner age came upon us, and I bought a 2000 Integra GSR. I modded this car with any “name brand” parts that were imported from Japan.  I got to learn about the lifestyle, the car scene and what you can do to make these and any other cars go faster. By the time 2011 came around, I was in search of a small two-seater convertible sports car. I’ve always loved the British Roadsters, and I was looking for a MG, MG Midget, Triumph etc, anything that I could afford.  That is when I reunited with Miatas.  I was finding prices that I could afford and more importantly people were telling me how reliable these sport cars are and how fun they are to drive.  I eventually found one at a local dealer, test drove it and instantly fell in love. Since then, I haven’t stopped smiling every time I drive My Street Princess.” And we would be smiling every time too with that boost from the BRP M62 Supercharger! Noting the PWR liquid to air intercooler, Racing Beat midpipe and out back to a custom center exit dual tip muffler set up. A slew of suspension bits in the form of Racing Beat strut bar, 949 front end links, FM full butterfly brace and rails, Beatrush skid plate, Xida coilovers and with braking from a Wilwood BBK to pair with all that power. The profound vintage interior is executed with Nakamae GT seats, quilted tunnel covers, side steps, custom gauge panel with AEM gauges, Nardi steering wheel, shift knob and e-brake with safety provided by a dual hoop roll bar.

I want to thank all the fellas for sharing with us their amazing journey. As you can tell each is spectacular in their own right. Each one is a reflection of their owners , influenced and inspired by each other. The build journey is ongoing and when it rains, it pours. That snowball effect hits and hits hard. So much is the passion with building and driving roadsters. And I think we can all agree. I also want to thank Erfan for his time and creativity in capturing and highlighting all 3 of these amazing builds.

And now scroll down to see these amazing photos and scroll down further to read more about each owner and fine details about their Miatas!

Photographer: Erfan Keilani // @MazdaRoadstar

1993 Mazda Miata White NA
Owner: Adil Keilani
Instagram: @RoadsterLifestyle
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Engine mods:
HKS Super Hybrid Air Filter
ARC Intake Chamber
HKS SS Super Header
RS Factory Stage Race Pipe
RS Factory Stage SPL Exhaust
JDM Mazdaspeed Test Pipe
ARC Radiator Cap
Nielex 1002 Oil Cap
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
NGK Premium Spark Plug Wires
RetroModern USA Spark Plug Cover
Garage Star Radiator Cooling Panel
Garage Star Wiper Cowl Panel
Jass Performance Fuse Box Cover
Transmission and Differential mods: N/A
Nardi Classico Steering Wheel 360MM Wood With Polished Spokes
Nardi Wood Handbrake Handle
Daikei Boss Hub Kit
Coco Floor Mats
ArtWorksDewa Needle Caps
ArtWorksDewa Tombstone Trim Panel
ArtWorksDewa Meter Panel
Revlimiter Sharka Polished Vent Rings
Saizaire Dress Up Kit
Zoom Engineering Type 2 Center Console
Zeromotive 1002 Pedal Set
RS Products Hazard Switches
RetroModern USA Dimmer Assembly
KG Works Retro Rear View Mirror
KG Works Polished Style Bar
Beatrush Hardtop Latches
Nakamae Quilted Seat Covers
Nakamae Quilted Lower Package Tray Trim
Nakamae Quilted Side Step Interior Trim
Joyfast Original Shift Knob Long
Minotaur Polished Parking Brake Handle and Button

OEM Hardtop
OEM R Package Front Lip
OEM R Package Rear Spoiler
Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Light Panel
OEM Mazda Porter Tail Lights
Garage Woolery Tail Light Trim Rings
OEM Rear Mud Guards
RS Active Type 2 Headlights
Zoom Engineering Retro Fuel Lid
Runabout M2 Mirrors

Fortune Auto 500 Series
Mazdaspeed Rear Strut Bar
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Brembo Rotors
Hawk HP Pads
How long have you owned the car?
I’ve owned it since August 2017
How long did it take you to build?
I built the car steadily over the last three years and I’m not finished.
What is your intent with the car?
My intent is to keep building the car to my liking and needs. Constantly evolving and tuning it to be the best roadster It can be.
Is this your daily driver or weekend car?
The roadster is my weekend car and living in Canada with winter it could never be my daily driver.
What are your future plans/goals with the car?
I have a lot of future plans which are constantly changing but even since the point of doing this feature I’ve added a couple of Nakamae parts to the interior. Next season I will be installing a Jackson Racing Supercharger with a couple more goodies. After driving the remarkable SpirtRoadUSA Miata, I can definitely see Maruha ITBs in the future. Follow my Instagram page to keep up with the build.
Any special memories you’d like to share?
Just recently I visited LA and got a chance to meet Kevin (SpiritRoadUSA) and Vu (NormalguyMX5). They both allowed me to drive their cars through Beverly Hills and it was an unforgettable experience. Later on that same night I met up with Nico (Nico.MX5) and we drove through Mulholland for hours into the night and I will never forget how fearless Nico is when driving. It was a great to see that even across the country from the east to the west coast that the Roadster community is one group. I’ve met many people through Instagram and developed some great friendships.
Dave’s Garage for helping me find this gem
Max at Rev9Autosport
Kevin at Spirit Road
My brother Erfan for all his photography
My brother Amer for getting me into cars at a young age
All my local Miata friends
All my Miata friends worldwide

1990 Eunos Roadster V-Special BRG
Owner: Farokh Gandhi
Instagram: @vspecialbrg
Location: Burlington / Ontario / Canada

Engine mods:
Stock 1.6
Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust
Car Make Corn’s Heat Shield
Moroso Coolant Resevoir
Optional Factory Polished Valve Cover
Transmission and Differential mods: Stock 5-speed & VLSD
Airstream Door Handles
JoyFast Original Shift Knob
Revlimiter Vintage Window Switches
Zeromotive Needle Caps
Lotus Elise Probax Seats
Nakamae Gauge Hood
Nakamae Door Cards
Revlimiter vent surrounds
Rev9 Autosport OE style pedals
Minotaur Cigarette Lighter
Minotaur HVAC Knobs
Nielex Classic Toggle Switches
Harddog Roll Bar
Garage Vary Front Lip
Volk Racing TE37v wheels
IL Motorsport Mud Guards
IL Motorsport Smoked Turn Signals
KG works rear spoiler
Runabout Type 2 Fuel Lid
Runabout M2 Retro Mirrors
R Speed Rear Lip
Beatrush plate bracket
KG Works Washer Fluid Nozzles
Ken Auto Door Bushings
Ohlins Road & Track DFV Coilovers
R-Theory Motorsport Frame Rail Braces

NA8 Brake Upgrade – Front & Rear
How long have you owned the car?
4 Years
How long did it take you to build?
It’s an ongoing project
Is this your daily driver or weekend car?
What are your future plans/goals with the car?
I am seriously considering ITB’s to continue with the theme of retro/vintage. Other than that, continue to acquire unique and rare JDM mods to enhance the build.
Any special memories you’d like to share?
Every single weekend drive in this car creates a special memory. I look forward to turning that key, hearing the car come to life, and then heading out to my favorite driving roads!

1999 Mazda Miata BRG
Owner: Michael Aguilera
Instagram: @streetprincessnb
Location: Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Engine mods:
BRP Supercharger with PWR air-to-water intercooler
Transmission and Differential mods: N/A
Custom Gauge Panel with AEM Gauges
Nakamae Interior with custom door panels
Nardi Steering Wheel
Nardi Shift Knob and eBrake
Custom Front & Side Splitter
Custom rear exhaust
GV Rear Tail Brake
Volk TE37 vSL Limited Edition
Carbon Miata Canards
Project-G Bikini Top
APR Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
GV Eyelids
Volks TE37 SL 15×8 (+25 offset)
Hankook RS3 (225/45/15)
Racing Beat midpipe w/ cat
Beatrush skid plate
BRP M62 Supercharger
PWR Liquid to air intercooler
PWR 52″ aluminum rad with oil cooler
Moroso Aluminum Oil Can
JDM front strut bar
Hideaway License Plate
Retromodern Oil Cap
IL Motorsport aluminum spark plug cover
Magnacor 8.5 spark plug wires
NRG Radiator Cover
Aluminum Cowl Cover
K&N air filter
01 NB header
TDR Heat Shield
70mm Bug Throttle Body
GV rear tail lights
Nardi 360 Wood w/ polished spokes steering wheel
Nakamae tunnel cover
Nakamae side step cover
Nakamae Type-R retro seats
01 NB centre console/Custom Shorty Console
Voodoo black textured shift knob and e-brake cover/Nardi Wood Shift knob & eBrake
XIDAS coilover (700/400 rate)
Racing Beat front strut bar
949 front endlinks
FM full butterfly brace & rails
Wilwood Big Brake Kit

How long have you owned the car?
I’ve owned my car since 2011 when I purchased it at a local dealer here in Mississauga, Ontario.
How long did it take you to build? 
I can honestly say that the build continues each and every year during our winter season here in Canada.  It’s been 8 years since I had my first mod and I continue to tweek the look of the exterior and interior.  There’s always something to mod or change in these little beauties.
What is your intent with the car? 
Originally, I wanted to simply have a small two seater convertible roadster and keep it stock.  But as you can see that only lasted 6 months once I had the car lowered with Xidas.
Is this your daily driver or weekend car?
This is definitely my weekend car and some say I baby her too much, LOL  even when I take her out for an autocross event.
What are your future plans/goals with the car?
I really do like the modifications that I’ve done so far.  I want to continue to keep my interior looking retro (similar to the days of the old British Roadster) and the exterior to be more modern.  I’ve been wanting to invest in a PitCrew front bumper but that will have to be a long term goal.
Any special memories you’d like to share?
Not any particular one as there are too many to share.  I am grateful for this car, as I’ve met so many amazing people through various autocross, car events and cruises.

Shoutouts/Credits/Sponsors: Dave’s Garage, Rob Poulin