Still Running

Looking far and wide, and out of Bangkok, Thailand we bring you Kritsatorn Pipatvuttitorn’s NA6 Miata. I have been following his journey for more than 5 years now, and it is nothing short of amazing. His roadster is also fully built and compound powered with 4AGE 20V Corolla ITB’s and a custom turbo by Tong Nakarin at GT2motorwerks. Not too often you see this kind of an engine combo on a Miata, but Kritsatorn’s engine setup is nicely executed.

This roadster exudes a speed and function aesthetic. The Mazdaspeed front bumper flows well with the side skirts, Garage 502 side mirrors, Zoom Engineering headlight lids, highly sought after Zoom Engineering rear spoiler, Zoom Engineering side blinkers, M2-1001 fuel lid, custom red soft top, Garage Vary rear tail light panel and a custom cut rear bumper finished off with a Zoom Engineering reverse light.

The interior is just as beautiful with Esqueleto LE Limited Edition bucket seats, KG Works gauge cluster, Zoom Engineering rearview mirror, Defi ZD Omori gauges, Motolita steering wheel, and a custom red Cusco 5 point roll bar. His roadster is also lowered on Buddy Club coilovers, with stopping force by big AP Racing 5000+ big brake kit, and rolling on Volk Racing TE37V’s with Toyo Proxes.

Far too often we see folks buy and build cars and within a short period of time, turn around and sell or flip it. Moving on to the next project, and later at some point, come right back to where they started. As for Kritsatorn, he’s passionate about the little roadster and continues to drive and build it. If you have been following his journey, you too will see his posts often followed with captions such as “still run” and “stay tuned”. A constant reminder and positive motivation. It is builds like his that keeps me motivated and inspired.

Now scroll down and check out the awesome photos by Sirisak!

Sirisak Phatalakool

Owner’s name:
Kritsatorn Pipatvuttitorn

Location: BKK, Thailand

Instagram: @arocster

Model: 1992 Mazda Miata

Engine mods:
4AGE ITB with custom intake manifold, custom F55 turbo, HKS 264 Intake and Exhaust cams, springs, valves, retainers, Toda Injection 1100 cc, Wiseco pistons, Manley rods

Transmission and Differential mods:
5 speed transmission, ORC twin plate clutch, Cusco 1.5 way LSD

Esqueleto LE limited edition bucket seats, KG Works guage cluster, Zoom Engineering rear view mirror, Defi ZD gauges, Omori gauges, Motolita steering wheel

Mazdaspeed front bumper, side skirts, Garage 502 side mirror, Zoom engineering rear spoiler, Zoom headlight lids, Garage Vary rear tail light panel, Zoom Engineering rectangular reverse light, Zoom Engineering side blinkers, M2-1001 fuel lid, custom cut rear bumper, custom red soft top

Buddyclub coilovers

AP Racing 5000+ big brake kit

Wheels: Volk Racing TE37V

Thana Phathannatecha (MadMonkey) and Tong at GT2motorWerk
Thank you for my engine build…
How did you get in to Miatas?
Miata is a cute car. Kids always love the miata when they saw a car. With the eyes, I fall in love it it.

How long have you owned the car?
8 years.

How long did it take you to build?
All 8 years.

What is your intent with the car?
I’m intent this car to look race car and have fun to drive.

Is this your daily driver or weekend car?

What are your future plans/goals with the car?
To be continue…

Any special memories you’d like to share?
This car is my marriage car, such a great memory…