The Devil Is In The Details – Mike Gaite’s 1990 Miata

They say, “The devil is in the details” and Mike Gaite’s red Miata is the perfect example of this saying. I’ve been following Mike and his little red devil for many years now. And the crazy thing is, him and I have chatted a number of occasions through DM on Instagram, but never met in person, and I have never seen his car in person.

This car is one to admire from afar and up close. Either on the road in motion or parked, this Miata looks damn mean! His car rocks an aggressive JDM style with Carbon Miata fender flares, a Trap Front lip, KG Works rear spoiler, and the highly sought after Garage Vary rear panel. The car is lowered on Tein Flex coilovers, custom end links, and Flyin Miata frame rails hunkered down on banana spoke Rota RKR wheels.

He recently dropped in a new motor with a ’99 head and NB2 block. Mike fabricated his own cold air intake, blowing exhaust fumes through a Racing Beat header, Flyin Miata Cat, midpipe and a Flyin Miata muffler. With power diverted through an OS Giken clutch and flywheel combo out back to a 4.1 Torsen rear diff. His motor fires up smooth and sounds strong. The devil is definitely in the details.

His Miata is a love project that has span more than 15 years and is a constant work in progress. He originally bought this with the intent of converting it in to a track car, but drives it often daily and on the weekends. What would you do if this was your car? I know I’d drive this everyday if I could!

Now scroll down to see the beautiful shots of this little red devil!

Photographer:  Nico N. @nico.mx5

Writer: Kevin Truong

Owner: Mike Gaite

Fullerton, CA USA

Instagram username: @mikegaite

Year:  1990

Make:  Mazda

Model:  Miata

Engine mods:  1.8L

99-00 Cylinder Head

BP5A cam

NB2 Pistons, rods, piston rings

VICS intake manifold

Custom Cold Air Intake


Racing Beat headers

Flyin Miata high flow catalytic converter

Flyin Miata resonated midpipe

Flyin Miata muffler

Transmission and Differential mods:

4.1 Torsen Diff

OS GIKEN lightened flywheel

OS GIKEN Grand Touring A-size clutch


Custom made one-piece FRP seats

Custom door cards

CARBING 4pt. roll bar

Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel

AWD gauges on custom made cluster

Joyfast Shift knob

MiataRoadster Short Shifter (custom specs)

Barchetta short console with custom trim ring

Retrosound stereo on custom made surround

Clarion Amp

Jensen 3-way speakers (front)

Pioneer 6×9 2 way speakers in custom made box (rear)

Garagestar door bushings


Carbon Miata flares

Garage Vary rear panel

TRAP front lip spoiler

KG Works rear spoiler

JDM fender turn signals

Vitaloni Sebring fender mounted side mirrors

Custom fixed Hella Projector headlights



JR front and rear sway bars

Custom end links

Flyin Miata frame rails


NB2 Brake booster and master cylinder

Shoutouts/Credits/Sponsors:  MiataRoadster