Spirit Road Rally – Dec. 16, 2018

I want to thank everyone for participating in the first Spirit Road Rally yesterday. The whole idea behind the rally was to get people together, talk Miatas, check out each other’s cars, eat some food and enjoy a great drive with fresh air and breath taking scenery.  We set out to experience that, and experience we did.  We were like a Miata Mob on the streets and freeways, especially when we were rolling through La Jolla Cove all lined up back to back!  I saw folks with their cell phones taking pictures of us from the restaurants, on the sidewalks, in their cars and even one fellow who literally pulled over, and stood on the street just to record us rolling through one-by-one with his cell phone! 

Thanks to Kadin at Car Make Corn’s USA for suggesting Bubba’s BBQ, Chris @blaze0n and Vu @normalguymx5 for taking us through Torrey Pines and through the scenic routes in La Jolla.  It was a blast and thank you all for participating.  I also want to thank all the significant others for their good sport and patience.  It’s traditionally a guy thing for cars and drives but you ladies made the experience even better, enjoyable and memorable. And thanks to all the Oceanside peeps for participating.  It was a pleasure to finally meet you folks.

I’m also sorry a lot of peeps couldn’t make it due to work and holidays, including Mario @supermario_146 who got a flat on the way down.  And also to Chris who had a leak at his rear diff towards the end of our rally and had to get his car towed back home (thanks Dakotah @dakotahshore for helping him out). Hope you guys get it all fixed and sorted out.  Come next Spring I will throw Spirit Road Rally No. 2.  Tentative destination:  From LA to Santa Barbara.  I hope everyone can make the next one!