Dreams Do Come True – Spirit Roadster Featured On Speedhunter

It has been my lifelong dream to one day build something worthy of mention on Speedhunters. And today that dream came true.

The shoot all started with Trevor posting the 2018 JCCS Coverage a couple months back and I made a comment on his article asking him if he saw that Blue Miata. And Trevor said he did and wanted to shoot it but was distracted by his friends whom pulled him away to check out some other cars. And before he knew it, the show was over. So I said to Trevor, if he ever wanted to shoot my car, I was willing to make the drive up, or if he ever came down to SoCal we can meet here. Months went by, and one day I DM’d Trevor asking him when he might come down to SoCal again and he said the next day or two. And that he had a bunch of cars and work lined up and didn’t know if it was possible for him to squeeze me in. The next morning I texted Trevor and he asked if I can meet him in the afternoon and they will squeeze in a shoot. Guess what happened? We pulled a crazy to prep the car for the shoot. C’mon it’s Speedhunters! I would not give it up for the world.

Kadin at Car Make Corn’s USA help me do some last minute changes, and literally minutes before the shoot in OC. We swapped in a fresh new set of Corn’s Leather bucket seats, and installed a rare M2-1028 E Brake Assembly complete with the matching boot (I won it from Yahoo Japan Auction just weeks before). We also tidied up a couple knick knacks and did some quick wipe down and cleaning. And we hurried up to meet Trevor and Sara.

We first met at a private location and after a couple shots, were quickly kicked out by security. From there we drove to an industrial location, followed by another location near a small airport. Trevor and Sara definitely put in a lot of time, effort and creativity, and it shows in all the amazing photos, video and write up of my Miata. And I want to thank them for featuring this little project on the internationally known Speedhunters.com! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I also want to take this time to thank everyone else whom contributed and lent a hand to this project: Kadin Espinosa at Car Make Corn’s USA, Tomio Watanabe at Car Make Corn’s Japan, Jerry Guzman at Jerry Built Racing, Kevin Duran at KD Racing, Chris Allen at Shagspeed, Gabe at Engineering Concepts, Alex Tan at Indotech Motorsports, Saiji Ogino at Maruha Motors Japan, Adam Wolf at Revlimiter.net, Chung Lau at Godspeed Project, Ben Hsu at Japanese Nostalgic Car, Eddie @eddiefitmentkings, Matt Kochaon at Love20Bee, Maxime at Rev9 Autosports, Mario Aguirre at C&H Metal, Norbert at A1 Machinery & Welding, Wilwood Engineering, Stoptech, all the Miata friends, Vu Ho @normalguymx5, Peter Royea @oldgrayleather, Nico Nathanson @nico.mx5, Jeovany Alvarado @bromundgandr, Jon Bartolome @darealjonb, Garrett Ogle @fwdtamiya, Mike Gaite @mikegaite, Shinobu @skikegawa, Kien Luong @detail_battalion, my family, and last but not least, Ricky Silverio @Darikr for the inspiration he instilled in me almost 20 years ago when I first saw his red Miata in the then TMR pocket-sized magazine.