Built By Design – Goff’s 2000 NB Miata

This Spirit Road Feature comes to us from Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been following Goff’s build for over 2 years now. His car first caught my attention with the Esqueleto front end. Which then followed with custom 4AGE ITB’s and a full 1.9 liter engine rebuilt with CP Pistons, Manley Rods and Maruha Cams. The engine bay is clean, wire tucked, with custom steel braided and AN fitted lines, anodized oil cap, fuel rail and VVT solenoid, custom engine torque damper, and catch cans. According to Goff, he’s owned this Miata for 9 years now. And has been slowly building his car for the past 7 years. It was one of his close friends whom got him in to Miatas.

Besides the gorgeous retro Esqueleto front end, you will see Zoom Engineering Side Mirrors, Hella Spot Lights and a custom Charcoal Gray Robbins Soft Top. Take a step inside and strap yourself in to Tan Leather bucket seats by Car Make Corn’s Japan, Hard Dog Side Braced Deuce Roll Bar, custom Revlimiter Gauge Faces, Revlimiter NB Retro Electric Window Switch, Jet Stream Short Center Console, Grant Classic Wooden Steering Wheel, and Zoom Engineering Rearview Mirror. His Miata is lowered on Ohlins PCV Coilovers and rolling on Work Equip 40’s.

You can say this Miata was definitely built by design, because he’s an architect by trade. They say a project is never completed, but Goff feels his car is finally complete. Goff has spent nearly a decade with this gorgeous piece of work and intends on enjoying it now. Driving it on the weekends with his friends and going to Miata meets in Thailand.

Now scroll down to see these beautiful photos shot by Goff himself!

Photographer:  Goff

Writer: Kevin Truong

Owners Name:  Goff

Location:  Bangkok – Thailand

Instagram Username:  @zerodegree_zerodegree

2000 Mazda Miata NB

Engine mods:  4AGE ITB, 1.8 Upgrade to 1.9 liters, CP Carrillo Pistons, Manley Connecting Rods, Maruha Camshafts, Custom Velocity Stack Funnel Screens

Transmission and Differential Mods:  OEM

Interior:  Tan Leather Car Make Corn’s Seats, Rev Limiter Gauges, Revlimiter Window Switch, Jet Stream Short Console, Grant Classic Wooden Steering Wheel, Zoom Engineering Rearview Mirror

Exterior:  Esqueleto Brisa Front End, Zoom Engineering Side Mirrors, Hella Spotlight, Work Equip 40, Robbins Soft Top

Suspension:  Ohlins PCV Coilovers

Brakes:  OEM