Goodwin Racing Meet, January 25th, 2020

On Saturday several of us got up super early and gathered at Krazy Eddie’s Donuts & Bagels in Laguna Hills for some morning refreshments and catching up before driving down to San Diego. It was a cold, dark and super foggy morning. I was late because I blew my tail lamp fuse and was driving super cautious because I didn’t want to get rear ended. I drove to 2 gas stations when I got down to Laguna Hills and none had the mini fuses. So I gave up and went straight to the donut shop. All the boys were already there: Vu, Peter, David, Jeo, and Alex. I quickly ordered my wake up juice (coffee) and a handful of donut holes. Joined in on the conversation briefly and shortly after we headed out.

Nothing beats the sights of these roadsters and sounds of their exhausts. Always in good company with these fellas and their awesome builds. We weaved through the dense fog like a pack of hungry wolves. Our destination: Goodwin Racing. For their quarterly morning cars and coffee.

When we pulled in, there were already a bunch of Miatas parked including a few of Goodwin Racing’s own demo cars. We were directed to park in the end and back of the lot. Goodwin Racing provided refreshments for folks that haven’t yet fully woke up. For we were already pumped and wide awake from blasting down the freeway from Laguna Hills. So we gathered and walked the lot. I had the opportunity to finally meet Greg Peters of “The Car Passion Channel” and look at his Miata up close. It was cool to finally meet the man that has inspired me and so many others in the Miata community. Also had a chance to meet many others, chat it up, exchange info and answered questions. A big thanks to Brian, his family and Goodwin Racing for their hospitality and a great time!

I will let some of the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

Peter, Jeo, David and Vu’s car all lined up.
Flyin’ Miata Carb Legal Turbo Kit
Peter’s beefy and wide SSR Star Shark’s
Jeo’s 4AGE ITB’s
Jubiride Funnel Screens
The battle scars on these tires…
What a classy and sexy interior
Vu’s engine bay is clean and well sorted
Vu’s spare wheel, refinished SSR Watanabe’s by Matt @love20bee
Greg Peter’s Miata
Alex checking out the details on this monster
Engine bay of another NC Miata
A BRG with a clean interior
Rocky’s Miatamotive in the back of the lot. He was kind enough to hook me up with 2 mini fuses. Thank you sir!
I was drooling over this Mazda hatch with a serious roll cage and Buddy Club P1’s
After the meet a few of us went out for some food before going home

And that’s a wrap folks!