Spirit Road Idle Air Control Valve Adapter For ITB’s


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There are a lot of misconceptions about running ITB’s on the streets.  And it is usually about cold start up and fluctuating idle issues.  What most fail to do is to add or retain an idle air control valve.  Through my own experiences, I have found that by using a 98-05 Miata idle air control valve, I have had quicker cold start ups and minimized fluctuating idles.  Where sometimes my engine would shut off while idling at a red light, I no longer have that issue.  If you are running custom ITB setups, it is wise to add and retain an idle air control valve.

  • Requires a 98-05 Miata Idle Air Control Valve (not included)
  • Multiple mounting points to work with your custom setups (use 10mm bolts on sides of the adapter for mounting – not included)
  • Inlet and outlet holes (top and bottom holes) are threaded for 6 AN/6 ORB to allow for custom AN hose setups (not included)
  • Includes:  (1) aluminum adapter, (1) mounting bracket, (2) M6 flange nuts 1.0 pitch, (2) M6 x 30 1.0 pitch bolts
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