Maruha Laser Etched Aluminum Badge


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Pay respects and homage to Maruha Motors Japan if you’re utilizing their parts on your roadster.  They have been modifying and racing Miatas since its first release.  Maruha’s legacy dates back to 1955.  Saiji-san and Masaki-san’s father started the business.  And when the brothers first saw the roadster, they fell in love with it.  And decided to continue building their legacy around the lightweight little eunos roadster.  And the rest is history.  I rivet (using 1/8th drill bit and 1/8th rivets) these laser etched aluminum badges to my valve covers.  Maruha has been a big supporter for my roadsters journey and our high performance ITB and naturally aspirated engines.  And this is my way of showing support and rocking their awesome catalog of roadster parts.

  • Laser etched
  • Aluminum
  • Black base with silver fonts
  • 2.75″ inch width x 7/8″ inch height
  • 3M adhesive tape on the back side
  • Rivets not included.  Use a punch first, then 1/8th drill bit to drill holes and use 1/8th rivets.  Make sure it is secure using 3m backside and blue tape to hold it in place before drilling.
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